The Alaska Steamposium presents

The Polar Emporium of Supernatural Oddities

For our 2017 convention we are reaching out to the great unknown from the last frontier.

The Alaska Steamposium welcomes you to: The Polar Emporium of Otherworldy Oddities.
See the enchanted mermaid. Listen to the spirits as they reveal secrets of the past and the future. Sip tea alongside otherworldly werewolves. Step inside our Emporium and wonder at the objects and curiosities before you. All of our markets take cash, credit....and souls.

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The Alaska Steamposim proudly announces the first everart exposition.

In honor of this year's guest of honor, the  theme of this year's show shall be "The Perfect Cup of Tea." We invite all Steamposium artists to interpret the theme as they see fit. There are no restrictions on type of media used. All 2D and 3D media are accepted. There are very few rules, as this exposition is designed to encourage expression and innovative thinking. People are invited to exhibit regardless of artistic experience. This is to be a fun, lively, and unique exposition in keeping with the ideology of the Steamposium. Find the rules "here."

Come one come all, this is your last chance!

Get in on the programming while you can. We have only 2 spaces left for programming. Apply now and join the convention by sharing your skills or passion for something steampunk!

 Programming, share what you love

Share your love of Penny Dreadfuls, Lycans, goblins, and dirigibles.

Teach others how to hunt vampires, create capsules that can capture your soul, and study flora that can stop your heart and alter your mind.

Show your skills in tarot reading, tracking ghosts, or making items for your supernatural arsenal.

Have a seances, discuss your personal experiences, and bond over how the supernatural and steampunk have crept into your everyday lives.

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We still have a few sponsor packages available. Don't let this chance pass your company by.

Being a sponsor is about immersing yourself in our community, not just advertising.You will get to really see what steampunk is all about.

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Sponsor packages fall into three categories. This way there is something available for everyone.

Every package includes VIP passes and an advertising package. We are also always looking for new and exciting opportunities if you have any ideas of your own. 

Vendors, in a new mysterious emporium

Search down dark and mysterious emporium alleys to discover treasures that enchant your eyes and enrapture your soul.

Proffer your wears to the eclectic and intriguing visitors that meander our emporium alleys looking for the perfect item to add to their wardrobe or use for their next great adventure. 

See who has joined our intriguing emporium alley this year and who has graced it in the past.

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Are you trying to reach out to the Steampunk community? Maybe you want to introduce yourself to a new group of prospective clients. That's great! We have a number of advertising packages available.

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There are five different advertising options available. All of our ad packages include a program print option and other perks such as web advertising on our private site and social media highlights on our pages.

Volunteer, joining our team

Man the gates, assist in the market alley, scan for the supernatural, be an innkeeper, or spread the word about our ever-changing and evolving emporium. 

Maybe you feel you have a little extra soul that makes you destined for something more. We are also looking for a few select individuals to join our committee and staff.

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Have a question? Have a suggestion? We want to hear from you.

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Stay tuned as we update more information for this mysterious adventure. We will be adding links and information about our official hotel, highlights for nearby resturaunts and activities, and so much more.

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We're Looking for an extra helping hand!

The ConCom needs a few more member to fill vacancies or assist. If you are interested in helping out and earning a perk or two please read more here.